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Ladies Auxiliary President 

President - this should be someone who is a little more familiar with the Auxiliary and our working.  Newer members have a harder time with this just because they have lack of exposure, but anyone is welcome to apply.

Sr. Vice President - This is the next step down and is a learning position.  You support the President and increase your knowledge of the Auxiliary.  Help with BINGO kitchens and other caterings.  In the past, the Sr. Vice President was responsible for helping with prep work and serving meals along with other things.

Jr. Vice President - This is the first step in progression to President.  It is hoped that the people who fill this position and Sr. Vice would move up to President.  You are responsible for assisting the other officers and again is a time for learning how the Auxiliary works.  You help with BINGO kitchens and caterings.

Chaplain - This is a critical position because your primary focus is funeral dinners.  This person should probably not be someone who works a full time day job.  So many of our funeral dinners are during the midmorning or early afternoon.  Be assured that there are a lot of ladies to help so if you aren't available for every funeral, you have good back-up.  However, you should be available to take the brunt of the shopping and prep work unless you can get someone else to cook and shop for you.  This is probably one of the areas that is the easiest to get coverage for.  People are very good at being available to help.

Patriotic Instructor - This person is someone who is looked at to make sure that the rituals are being followed, but again, often it is someone just learning and that is OK too because we don't do as much floor work as we used to because of the numbers.

Secretary - this is an appointed position.  The President appoints the person and you are the keeper of the records for the Auxiliary.  The secretary's records are the permanent record of all Auxiliary business and communication.  Your primary responsibility is to take minutes of all meetings and process all communications.Chairmanships are the positions that really teach you what the VFW Ladies Auxiliary is all about.  Even as a chairman, you are responsible to insure that all programs put forth through National are done, but this is an Auxiliary-wide project.  Everyone works on all of it, it isn't just the chairman.  For example - for Americanism, we take credit for people flying their flags, members who participate in patriotic holidays, what we do for America as a whole, teaching kids, etc.; for Legislative, we count how many letters are written by our full Auxiliary, not just the chairman; and so on.

Cancer is a great chairmanship because you get the word out on ways to help people struck by cancer.  We work to earn money to be donated through Department to continue to fund the Cancer Aid & Research and cancer grants available to the members.Hospital - aiding veterans and their families who are in the hospital by visiting, doing hospital parties, and this includes the local nursing homes.

Veterans & Family Support - the true target of our organization is providing support and aid to our veterans and their families.  We do everything we can for our members, non-affiliated veterans, and our overseas military personnel.

Community Service - this is a reporting position and incumbent on the person to file reports with Department explaining everything we do.  Through this reporting, we maintain or charitable and non-profit status.  This is (or should be) a busy chairmanship and receiving reports from everyone on everything they do for the veterans and the community.

Youth Activities/VOD - this is the Voice of Democracy program, Patriot's Pen, and all other youth related activities.  This should be someone who works with the schools to get kids involved and also promoting the VFW scholarship programs.

If anyone is interested in any positions or chairmanships, please see me or you can contact me at 810-735-7920, 629-1621 or by email at sharonpaulin@aol.com.  We need help with the Tuesday evening kitchens.  If no one volunteers, we won't have a kitchen that night.  If you are interested, we do hot dogs and hamburgers, some sandwiches, meat/cheese trays and veggie trays - prep work should be started by 3pm at the latest.  Bingo kitchen lasts until about 9pm or so depending on how fast you clean up.  If you are available to help, please call me at 629-1621.

UPCOMING EVENTS -Every Sunday - Auxiliary BINGO and Every Wednesday - Fenton Extended Care visits.



Motorcycle Rider Group Update 

Resolution No. 308

VFW Motorcycle Rider Group

WHEREAS, numerous departments have requested authorization for the formation of VFW motorcycle rider groups; and

WHEREAS, these departments have stipulated a primary consideration to maintain integrity to the VFW and its image as core factors to the rider groups; and

WHEREAS, an ad hoc committee was established by the Adjutant General in October 2009 to provide suggested guidelines concerning the formation and existence of VFW motorcycle riders groups.

WHEREAS, proposed guidelines were accordingly developed by the ad hoc committee and sent on January 2010 to all departments for their further suggestions and comments; and

WHEREAS, the Commander-in-Chief directed a meeting be conducted at the National Convention to further discuss this issue and coordinate the guidelines; and

WHEREAS, the consensual final recommendation at the convention meeting is to allow the formation of VFW rider groups provided that there is no affiliation with the Confederation of Clubs (CoC) and that each department titles their riders organizations as a "riders group" and not as a "club"; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that National guidelines will be established that (1) standardizes the title of the formed groups; (2) protects the trademark of the Cross of Malta; (3) mandates the use of the one-piece patch; (4) mandates that each member of the rider groups must wear the appropriate logo (i.e., VFW wear Cross of Malta, Ladies Auxiliary members wear their logo, etc.); (5) all groups must adhere to Post, Department and National By-Laws, as applicable (especially as it pertains to the handling of funds as directed by section 709 of the National By-laws); and, (6) the groups not be allowed to elect officers but be formed as a committee or unit of the Post (similar to Post Honor Guards).

Submitted by Commander-in-Chief To Committee on GENERAL RESOLUTIONS

APPROVED by the 111th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Mens Auxiliary VFW Post 3243
  Membership in the Mens Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars shall be limited to husbands, widowers, fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons, brothers and half brothers who attained that status prior to age sixteen (16) of persons who were or are eligible for membership in Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.  Members must not be less than sixteen (16) years old.
  Persons eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall not be eligible for membership in the Mens Auxiliary.
  Persons wanting information on membership to the Mens Auxiliary VFW Post 3243 contact Michael Zack, Treasurer.  Phone (810) 730-3605 or (810)629-3700.

We have a program that involves our young ladies from ages 5 to 15, it is our Junior Girls. We need at least 10 girls to start an active unit. We would meet once a month and organize outings and encourage the girls to take part in the same charitable functions the Ladies Auxiliary have. The girls would assist in functions such as Poppy Sales, Hospital visits, help with community functions and learn so much more about being a good citizen and respect. There would always be adult supervision. To become a member the girls would have to have the same eligibility as our Ladies Auxiliary. They would have to be related to an eligible Veteran, whether the Veteran is a member or not. (Daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, or sister, etc.) If you are interested, or have any questions, in our Junior Girls program you can call us and leave a message at 629-1621 and we will get back with you as soon as we can.


The VFW National Home for Children is a private, non-profit licensed residential child-care agency located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan providing residency and services to the children and families of our nation’s veterans. Sometimes called the "best kept secret in the VFW," the National Home celebrates Awareness Week in March as we "Tell the Secret."

VFW National Home for Children

Did You Know? The Home was once a working farm ~ The articles of incorporation were signed January 7, 1925 ~ The first family, a WWI widow and her six kids moved in on March 9, 1925 ~ The first brick home (now Michigan House 1) was built in 1926 ~ The Home is actually a 629 acre campus community ~ There are 36 brick single-family homes ~ There 35 other buildings including; Community Center, nursery, museum, green house, fire barn, Health & Education Building, Chapel, guest lodge and maintenance & administration buildings ~ There are currently 71 children and 27 single parents living on campus ~ Since 1925, more than 2,000 children and grandchildren of VFW & Ladies Auxiliary members have called this place "home" ~ The members of Michigan’s VFW Posts & Ladies Auxiliaries support three houses on the campus ~ There is a plan in place to accept the children of deployed US military troops ~ The National Home is supported solely through the donations of VFW & Ladies Auxiliary, Military Order of the Cootie & its Women’s Auxiliary and individuals and a few corporate sponsors ~ No federal or state money is received ~ The UAW Veteran’s Committee has pledged funds to build a one-story duplex and provide funds to maintain it ~ Your donation, through your post quartermaster or auxiliary treasurer will make you a Life Member and supporter of this exceptional facility.

Question?  If a Life Member of National Home has let their VFW or Ladies Auxiliary membership lapse, does their National Home Life Membership change to Associate? If a Life Member transfers to another Post or Auxiliary, does their National Home Life Membership stay with the originating unit?

Answer:  If a VFW or Auxiliary member lets their membership lapse, then if we know it their membership becomes an associate. If a member transfers to another post or auxiliary then their membership also transfers. The membership stays with the person it was bought for. Any other questions please let me know.

Thank you,

Sharon L. Paulin

VFW National Home for Children Chairman

Ladies Auxiliary 3243, Fenton, MI

Glenda Webb National Home Life Membership Co-ordinator